The ConvergX® Innovation Award will be given to an individual or organization that has significantly influenced cross-sector​ innovation processes, and/or the education/competence levels enabling innovation capabilities with great significance to the energy, mining, or Aerospace, Defence & Security (ADS) industry​. The individual or organization should meet the following criteria

1. Should be recognized internationally

2. Must be in the e​nergy​, mining, or ADS industries; this includes research laboratories and universities.

3. Be active within the industry and that are recognized as innovators who have developed new concepts, products and methods bringing the energy​, mining, or ADS industries forward.

4. Technical excellence, commercial success, and innovative projects with great significance for technology in the industry as a result of their frontier pushing activities, should be the most important factors when looking for candidates.

5. Must act as visionary ambassador for the industry. The work should influence people to be open to innovation and incorporate new ideas.

6. Be recognized for their technical excellence ​and ​performance.

Guidelines and Jury Assessment

The award can be given to managers of innovative companies, inventors of new technology, project managers, researchers, university professors, research teams and laboratories or others with great significance for promoting innovations in the energy sector.

The work of the candidate has to show innovation excellence through a significant period of time.

The Jury will evaluate the achievements as a result of the candidate’s work related to the energy​, mining and ADS sectors and according to the above listed criteria’s one through five.​

Candidates can be nominated by any person or organization within the​ energy, mining or ADS sectors​


  1. Most Promising Pre-Commercial Technology
  2. Cross-Sector Innovative Technology
  3. Cross-Sector Company(s)

The Pre-Commercial Technology Award will recognize an incorporated entity that meets these criteria:

 Less than 25 staff
 Have developed a working proto-type of a technology or service
 Have not formally launched product on market (introduction to targeted pilot customers, and pre-launch marketing accepted)
 Product or service could be used by customers in both defence and energy industry
 Use of technology offers one or more of the following: 

  – Performance improvements
  – Increased efficiency in processes 
  – Advances in safety enhancements or environmental performance 
  – More effective use of time

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